Interfolio Implementation at ISU CVM

In an effort to make it easier for faculty to document their impact, as well as to improve the annual review process, the college has adopted Interfolio, an electronic faculty information system.

Interfolio is available to you for login either directly at this site:, or by navigating to clicking on login, selecting Iowa State University as the Institution, and logging in via OKTA.

Interfolio has been set up to be as similar as possible to the past Word document that has been used for previous annual reviews. Below is the Word document that has been used for previous annual reviews with links to Interfolio. This document should direct you to the exact place where to input information in Interfolio based on the Word document used for previous annual reviews.

  1. Log into Interfolio
  2. Please use the Annual Review Mapping Guide for assistance. (Note: These links will only work if you are logged into Interfolio)

If you are not sure what information is needed for a specific section, please contact your Department Chair or the Department Admin for assistance.

Where do I add specific content in Interfolio?

Training Resources

Interfolio Support and Contact Information