Echo360 Help Guides

What is Echo360?
Echo360 is a lecture capture software that allows an instructor to record their instruction. At Iowa State Vet Med, Echo360 recordings are automatically set up for core courses and electives so all students have access to recordings for each lecture via a link in Canvas. Echo360 also has the capability to allow the instructor to record their own lectures from their own laptop with an application called Echo360 Universal Capture.

What is Echo360 Livestream?
Echo360 Livestream allows you to teach synchronously to your students. By providing a link in Canvas, students can connect to your lecture live. During this time, they have the ability to ask questions via chat, but they do not have the capability to speak to you. Once your lecture is completed, students can then go back and rewatch the lecture asynchronously.
*Note: There is a few seconds delay for students when using Echo360 Livestream.

How to Ask a Question or Comment in Echo360

How do I get an Echo360 recording scheduled?
All core courses, electives, and BMS Masters Program courses are automatically scheduled to record. If you need an extra session recorded such as a review session, you can click the Echo360 capture box when booking the room on the CVM calendar. This will automatically record your session. Then, e-mail to have them put it in your Echo360 course that is linked to Canvas. You can always e-mail CVM AV Help to set up a recording as well.

What is Echo360 Universal Capture?
Echo360 Universal Capture is an application that can be downloaded to your work or personal computer. Universal Capture allows you to capture your computer screen and your voice to do voice over PowerPoint presentations. Universal Capture is a necessary tool if you want to record asynchronous lectures from your computer for students for lecture preparation or online learning. Please e-mail to get started with Echo360 Unviersal Capture.

How to Install Echo360 Universal Capture
How to Use Echo360 Universal Capture

Can I upload external media into Echo360?
Yes, external media that is already recorded can be uploaded into Echo360. If you have a video file to ingest into Echo360, please see the directions below.
*Note: You will need an Echo360 class created in order to connect ingested videos to Canvas for students to view. Please e-mail to get setup with the correct organizational structure in Echo360.

How to Upload External Media to Echo360

Can I edit Echo recordings?
Yes, very basic editing can be done within Echo. You have the ability to trim the beginning and end, and you have the ability to take out anything in the middle of the recording in case there was a mistake made.

How to use the Echo360 Editor

Can Echo recordings be put into my Canvas course?
Yes, Echo recordings can be put into your Canvas course in 2 ways.

1. Create an Echo360 link in the left margin of your course. Once students click on the Echo360 link, a list of your recordings will appaer for students to access.

2. Embed links within the Canvas modules that link directly to a specific recording. This would be ideal for an online course that is being taught asynchronously.

For help with this please e-mail

Can Echo360 recordings from previous semesters be used for the upcoming semester?
Yes, Echo360 recordings from previous semesters can be used for the upcoming semester. We have the ability to copy recordings into a new Echo360 course for the upcoming semester.
*Note: You will need an Echo360 class created in order to connect ingested videos to Canvas for students to view. Please e-mail to get set up with the correct organizational structure in Echo360.

How to Publish Old Echo Recordings Into a Current course

For help with getting started with Echo360 please e-mail