Classroom Technology

Educational Technology

Canvas 24/7 Support: 515-294-4000
CVM Canvas Support: Vy Vo ( Zhengzheng Xu (
Echo360: CVM Classroom Services (
TopHat: Vy Vo (
Zoom: CVM Classroom Services (
E-Value: Melody Gustafson (
Qualtrics: Dr. Aliye Karabulut-Ilgu ( & Zhengzheng Xu (
General Teaching Support: Contact OCATS

All other supported technology by the University can be found on the CELT website.

Requesting a New Technology

Did you recently learn about a new technology you would like to see Iowa State implement? Do you already use a technology that recently created a connection app for Canvas?
Submit a request to have the app reviewed for use at Iowa State University.

Resources that may be helpful for those teaching VM1-VM3 core courses and electives at ISU Vet Med.