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What is LockDown Browser?
LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system.
Video: What is Lockdown Browser
Guide: ISU Guide to LockDown Browser

How do students download LockDown Browser?
Each student already has LockDown Browser on their computer.
If a student needs to redownload LockDown Browser or is a student in the BMS Masters program, please have them download LockDown Browser here.

When would I use LockDown Browser at ISU Vet Med?
LockDown Browser is used for face-to-face online exams in Canvas at ISU Vet Med. Students come into the classroom and instead of taking a paper exam, they take the exam online. When notified ahead of time, CVM IT support provides 4 extra loaner computers along with IT assistance during the exam to make sure all students have success with accessing and taking the exam.

Is it a best practice to use LockDown Browser for open book exams taken at home?
At ISU Vet Med we do not encourage instructors to use LockDown Browser for open book exams taken at home. Since students are allowed to use notes to take the exam, the use of LockDown Browser is not needed. Not requiring the students to use the tool at home also cuts down on any IT issues that may come with using the tool. This makes open book exams go a lot smoother for students, easing their nerves just a bit with one less thing to worry about.

How do I enable LockDown Browser for a Canvas exam?
LockDown Browser can be enabled in the exam settings. To learn more about exam settings in Canvas, please see our Creating a Canvas Exam resources.

Who do I contact if I want to use LockDown Browser for a face-to-face exam at ISU Vet Med?
Please contact cvmavhelp@iastate.edu to get started.