PowerPoint Templates
We’re excited to introduce our latest resource for instructors – presentation templates that are fully aligned with ISU themes! Our templates are designed to make it easy for instructors to create visually stunning presentations that reflect the unique character and style of ISU. You can select the one that best fits your needs and then customize it with your own content. Whether you’re delivering a lecture, workshop, or any other type of presentation, our templates will help you effectively communicate while maintaining the ISU brand.

Syllabus Templates
We understand the importance of clear and organized syllabi in the course. That’s why we’ve created a collection of easy-to-use syllabus templates for instructors. Our templates are designed to streamline the syllabus creation process and ensure that all the essential information is included. These templates are a time-saving tool for instructors who want to focus on delivering great content instead of spending hours creating a syllabus. Give them a try and elevate your teaching today!