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Top Hat is a lecture response software that is available for all ISU CVM faculty to use. It can be used to engage students in the classroom by asking them questions in real-time getting immediate feedback. Top Hat is a tool that is a funded tool for the VM1-VM4 students at ISU CVM. All students are pre-licensed with a Top Hat account for 4 years and is an available and supported tool for instructor use in the classroom.

How do I create a Top Hat instructor account and my first Top Hat course.
First, you will need to sign up with Top Hat as an instructor. When registering, please use your Iowa State e-mail. Once you have crated an instructor account, you can create your first course. Please see the Top Hat Guide for more information.

How do students access my Top Hat course?
You give students the TopHat Join Code (located on the top left) and they will automatically enroll when they enter the code.

Can the Top Hat Gradebook sync with Canvas?
You can sync your TopHat gradebook to Canvas. But, if new grades are added into Top Hat, the instructor has to sync the gradebook with Canvas as new changes occur because it doesn’t automatically sync when new changes occur. So typically if they want a Top Hat grade, we recommend to wait until the end of the semester to sync it. For more information, please see the Top Hat Guide.

How do I copy/transfer content from previous course?
Yes you can do that. Please see the Top Hat Guide for assistance. Please contact for help.

Can I release my Top Hat questions to students to review after class?
You can release the questions and answers to students as review or homework. Please see the Top Hat Guide for more information.

Can Top Hat be used to take attendance?
Yes, Top Hat has an attendance tool where students have to be in class to receive the attendance code. Please see the Top Hat Guide for more information.