Access Canvas 2.0


Canvas is the primary learning management system (LMS) at Iowa State University. You are able to use your ISU Net-ID and password to log into Canvas in one of the three ways:

Get Started with Canvas

If you are an instructor, please follow these simple how-to guides on how to upload content and create modules, assignments, discussion forums, and exams. If you are a student, please read the CELT Student Guide for Canvas.

Step 1: Log in to Canvas

There are three ways that you can log in to Canvas.

  • Sign On: navigate to the Iowa State Homepage, locate the “Sing Ons” link on the upper right corner, use ISU Net-ID and password to log in, and select “Canvas” from the menu.
  • Canvas @ ISU: type Canvas@ISU web address ( in your browser’s search box.
  • Okta: log into your Okta dashboard ( and click the Canvas button. You may need to search for Canvas app the first time.

Step 2: Create a Canvas Course

Access Your Course

Common Settings

  • Navigation: located towards the left side and provides links to frequently used areas of the course
  • Add an user: invite users to join your course.
  • Edit profile: add and change profile pictures in your account.
  • Migrate courses: course content from previous Canvas courses into existing courses.

Step 3: Manage Canvas Content

  • Announcements: share important information with all users.
  • Modules: are used to organize course content.
  • Assignments: create and track graded and ungraded assignments.
  • Classic Quizzes: is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys.
  • New Quizzes: an assessment tool within Canvas that is slated to replace Classic Quiz.
  • Discussions: create a discussion board in which students can see and respond to their peers’ responses to a topic.
  • Gradebook: view and enter grades for students by instructors.

Step 4: Publish the course

Technical Support

Enroll students and publish a Canvas course (02:31)

CVM IT Service (Instructional Support)
  • 515-294-7555
Iowa State University Solution Center 24/7
  • 515-294-4000
  • Live chat – open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click ‘Chat with Canvas Support’
  • Ticket support – open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click ‘Report a Problem‘

Course Creation Guide

The course creation guide was built to help you plan for the upcoming semester. This guide takes you step-by-step on how to create a well-designed course for your students. If you have any questions or would like to have a meeting to discuss your course, please contact Zhengzheng Xu (

Module 1: Getting Started with Course Creation

Supplemental Recourses

Module 2: Creating Course Lectures

Supplemental Recourses

Module 3: Creating Content

Supplemental Recourses

Module 4: Course Organization

Supplemental Recourses