Peer evaluation is a critical process for any faculty member. These reviews are valuable not just for the advancement process but also as a reflection on teaching. Each evaluation should provide the educator with information on what is going well and what areas to improve upon. As educators, we never stop growing and this feedback is critical to our continued growth and development.

The OCATS team has trained members that are able to provide a peer evaluation for instructor use and for departmental use as part of the advancement process. We are also available to train individuals as peer reviewers. To schedule a review or to request training please contact or

At ISUCVM we have developed two forms for classroom and clinical observations.

Classroom Observations: This form was developed internally by OCATS and is to be used in the traditional classroom setting. This form can be used to provide feedback to anyone taking on a teaching role in a classroom. Feedback can be used as formative or summative information for the instructor.

Clinical Observations: This form is for use in the clinical setting. It was developed based on the Peer Review of Teaching Sourcebook and modified by ISUCVM for use in the veterinary medical setting. This form can be used to provide feedback to clinical instructors, technicians, residents and/or interns who are teaching in a clinical setting.

If you need a different form as part of a peer review process, OCATS has resources that can help. Please contact us at or