Group Work in Canvas

Resources to help you create group work in Canvas.

Canvas Groups allow the instructor to not only put students in groups, but once assigned to a group, each group of students gets their own Canvas course that is connected to the course in Canvas. Within a group Canvas course, students can converse with eachother, upload resources and files to eachother, and they can complete group assignments.

Guide: How to create groups in Canvas
Guide: How to use course groups in Canvas
Video: Groups Overview (Instructor)
Video: Groups Overview (Student)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I visit each group’s homepage to monitor group activity?

How do I make an assignment a group assignment?

How do I create a discussion forum so students can only see the responses from the students within their group?

How do I create a peer review assignment?

Can I assign an assignment and specific due date to a specific group?
No. Iowa State University does not allow this feature to be used within Canvas.