Online Instruction Resources (Old)

In response to the mid-semester transition to online education delivery due to the novel Coronavirus, the following resource list has been developed to assist the unique needs of College of Veterinary Medicine instructors during this disruption to traditional teaching. For general resources and university teaching information please see the CELT Course Continuity Guide. This website will continue to be updated as additional resources are requested and made available.

Important Contacts

CELT Course Continuity Guide
Canvas 24/7 Support – 515-294-4000
CVM Canvas Support – Deb Hoyt –
Echo 360 – Deb Hoyt & Jeremy Kellen –
Zoom – Deb Hoyt & Jeremy Kellen –
E-Value – Melody Gustafson –
Qualtrics – Courtney Vengrin –
General Teaching Support – Courtney Vengrin –

General Resources

ISUCVM Online Instruction Continuity Checklist
CVM Online Instruction Resources
CVM Online Exam Recommendations
CVM Rapid Workshop (3/16) – Intro, Logistics, Resources overview
ISUCVM VM4 Virtual Rotation Overview – Dr. Jessica Ward
Chronicle of Higher Education Moving Online Rapidly – Article Collection
University of Illinois Online Veterinary Education Modules

Online Clinical Teaching Resources

Veterinary Isolated Clinical Education (VICE) Rounds – Developed by Dr. Alexander Fox-Alvarez, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA at University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. For more information or to contribute to this crowd-sourced resource click here.

Emergency and Critical Care Journal Club Podcast – By Dr. Bobbi Conner, DVM, Diplomate-ACVECC

RECOVER – RECOVER, VECCS, ACVECC, and Cornell have joined with a number of other amazing veterinary organizations to provide access to their courses.

VetGirl – VetGirl has agreed to provide full-time academic faculty at AVMA accredited veterinary schools and veterinary technician schools a 1 year complimentary VETgirl membership. This provides faculty with access to CE resources for student use. To get started contact Dr. Courtney Vengrin for instructions.

Center for Educational Technologies (CET) at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine is sharing their online content to all Colleges of Veterinary Medicine for free.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners – AABP and the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University are providing access to their past conferences and webinars. These are available at by selecting “Resources for Students” and then “AABP Videos”.

Zoetis Online Modules

VIN – Veterinary Information Network provides 450 VIN Rounds sessions over the past five years

AAEP – The American Association of Equine Practitioners is providing access to their “core concepts for new graduates” sessions in the AAEP’s online video library for the 2018 and 2019 annual conventions.

General Veterinary Online Instruction Resources

Anatomage Table – Library of images and videos for online anatomy instruction.

VetCompanion – Online curriculum for faculty

Clinical Equine Reproduction EBooks

Clinical Skills Booklets – University of Bristol Veterinary Medicine


Suggested Email Announcement Template

Canvas Resources

CVM Rapid Workshop (3/16) – Canvas Overview
Canvas Course Development Checklist
Creating Attractive Canvas Pages
Creating Assignments
Setting up Groups and Group Work in Canvas
Grading in Canvas
Giving Feedback in Canvas

Online Lecture Delivery

Considerations for Live Online Lecture
Online Transition Tips
CELT Online Instruction Delivery Methods
Humanizing Online Teaching
Stanford Live Doc for Effective Teaching During Disruption
Article – So Now You’re an Online Instructor
Article – Guidelines for Effective Online Teaching


How to Create a New TopHat Course


CVM Rapid Workshop (3/16) – Echo Overview
How to Record with Echo360 Personal Capture
Managing Personal Captures in Echo360


CVM Rapid Workshop (3/16) – Zoom Overview

Virtual Labs

CVM Rapid Workshop (3/16) – Virtual Lab Options
Examples from Merlot
Examples from Harvard

Online Discussions

15 Specific Activities to Promote Online Discussions
Canvas Discussion Boards
Perusall – Online document annotation for group work

Online Team-Based Learning

Best Practices for Online TBL

Assessment Resources for Online Learning

CVM Rapid Workshop (3/16) – Online Testing Practices
Best Practices for Open-Book Exams
Exam Settings in Canvas
Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions
University of Newcastle Open-Book Exam Guide
Creating a Canvas Exam
Quiz Options in Canvas
Methods of Summative Assessment for Online Learning
12 Tips for Assessing Medical Knowledge with Open-Ended Questions
ISUCVM COVID-19 Pass/No Pass Policy
Low-Stakes Online Assessment

Missing A Resource? Need Something?

Email with your request and we will work to connect you to resources and supports.

Special thanks for assistance in the creation of this resource: CELT, Breana Bayraktar, Tamara Hancock, Dr. Alexander Fox-Alvarez